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"This story hit a home run with the kids. They just LOVE Recycle Michael!"

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Abby and Recycle Michael



Children have so much fun reading this rhyming storybook about

how they can

 do their part to change the world when they RECYCLE!




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The Story




In the early 2000s, Ginger L. Criswell began a journey of awareness about the impact human beings are having on the planet. She began doing everything she could to make a difference, starting with the most simple action that every family can take-RECYCLING.


For four months she kept a weekly log of her recycling activities and was shocked to discover the huge amount of recyclable material her own family of four was dumping into landfills each week.


During this time, there was still a great deal of debate about whether human activity was having an impact on the environment. Many people still believed that our actions had little or no impact on the air, land, seas, or wildlife. There were also still many people who even denied the very existence of global warming.


Recycle Michael®was created to reach out to the children who will grow up to be the decision-makers on our planet.


The concept is that if children care about the planet, they will grow up to be adults who care about the planet and they will take action to take care of it.


The RECYCLE MICHAEL-I'll do My Part book was created, along with six songs that feature Recycle Michael   and his other friends:

Plastic Lady Sadie-a talking plastic bottle lady, Paper Man Stan-a talking newspaper man, and Star Jar Cristal-a talking glass jar woman.


A Recycle Michael®Show was also created. The show features a curriculum based, two-person show with Recycle Michael® and a speaker. The speaker introduces Recycle Michael,® along with a slide show presentation about the benefts of recycling, a collection of items made from recycled materials, and Recycle Michael®music and dancing.






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